Adopted Sturgeon - Big Joe

"Big Joe" is a large, mature sturgeon that captured the imagination of Brian Allenby, 2010 Fraser River Sturgeon Series, Hosted by Rick Hansen October 1st event participant - and earned the rank of second largest sturgeon encountered that day.

This sturgeon has experienced many of the challenges and issues faced by this species, over the course of its life so far. Decades old, this fish may have travelled up and down of the Fraser River from the mouth of the Fraser at Steveston, to way up to Hell's Gate. If this fish happens to be female, she may have already spawned a couple of times in her life. We know that it is criticial for the FRSCS to help ensure these fish experience optimal spawning conditions for survival - good food supply, protected habitat and santuary during those spawning times.

Thanks to Brian's support, we can continue to track Big Joe through our monitoring and assessment program and gain greater insight into this complex ecosystem, towards the day when Fraser River white sturgeon is once again, abundant.

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