Adopted Sturgeon - Hansen's Legacy

A Family Legacy

Under brilliant blue, sunny skies the annual Fraser River Sturgeon Series wrapped up for another year on October 1. Hosted by Rick Hansen, the participants helped collect valuable data, experienced several white sturgeon, and helped make a difference for this amazing species. Eighty-six sturgeon were caught and sampled as part of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society’s award-winning, volunteer driven monitoring and assessment program.

Rick caught and adopted a 59 cm fish in the Hatzic Eddy, a critical habitat for sturgeon as they spend so much time there, throughout the winter, and return every year. The Hatzic Eddy is an area of high industry and development which stresses the delicate conditions and unique elements that appeal to the fish. The Hatzic Eddy is a keen focus for the FRSCS for protection and sanctuary for sturgeon.

Rick adopted the small fish in honour of his daughters and hopes to introduce future grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the fish through the ongoing monitoring program at the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. Knowing the fish was born into a time of such struggle for survival, Rick looks forward to watching his adopted fish thrive at a time when the Fraser River sturgeon stock is recovered and sustainable.

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