Adopted Sturgeon - Little Ernie

Little Ernie was encountered during an amazing sturgeon fishing outing in October 2012 and was one of a series of new, untagged sturgeon that entered the Fraser River system near the Pitt River.

This small fish was adopted by Ernest Yee. A champion for sturgeon and a steward for making a difference, Ernest's adoption of such a young fish - maybe just a few years old - is helping us to track the unique experience of Fraser River white sturgeon of its potentially very long life. 

Encountering small fish like 'Little Ernie' is very important to our research into the needs and impacts on the future of the species. Rearing habitat, food supply and protection from being intercepted in other fisheries are critical to the long-term survival of this young fish.  We focus our best efforts to ensuring its survival and the best possible conditions for its eventual spawning activity. Protecting habitat, protecting critical food supply and keeping the community educated on how to help eliminate the impact of industry on this incredible species are our priority action areas.

Thanks to Ernest's contribution to our work, we can continue to make a difference.

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